About Sea Green School

Values of Sea Green School

“Sea Green School® is a progressive educational journey that has a profound underlying message that encourages children and people of all ages to take ownership and guardianship for their local coastal environment. Sea Green School® endeavors to promote conservation and sustainable use of the environment as well as providing links to the curriculum and facilitate social, emotional and physical development” Torbay Countryside Trust (2013)

Sea Green School is affiliated to the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust a local, independent charity that safeguards over 1750 beautiful acres of green space across Torbay.

Sea Green School Ilfracombe has been set up by Kim Smith an experienced primary and secondary and special needs teacher with 20 years experience. She has a geography degree and holds a level 3 Sea Green Leader Award. She is passionate about outdoor learning and connecting people with nature in a variety of coastal environments  in Ilfracombe and the surrounding areas. As well as working with individuals and families Sea Green School works with teachers and schools to incorporate outdoor learning experiences into the National curriculum. Kim is a qualified outdoor first aider and holds a DBS certificate.

About Kim Smith:  Playing and exploring outdoors came naturally to me as I grew up in the countryside in Somerset. I have always been fascinated about discovering and learning about the natural world. After gaining a geography degree, I wanted to see for myself first hand some of the amazing people and places I had studied. I trained as a teacher and started my career in Asia. I have taught students from 3-75 years in private and state schools in Indonesia, Thailand, Italy and the UK.  I am passionate about outdoor learning and regularly implemented Sea Green School activities and outdoor learning into primary and secondary curriculums. Educating in the outdoors is highly rewarding and I have seen how it creates positive learning experiences and promotes general wellbeing in people of all ages. I am dedicated to sharing the values of Sea Green School with parents, children and teachers. I moved to North Devon in 2001 and currently live in Ilfracombe with my family.